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A Theo Maybe
I had not painted anything in a while, I’ve been very preoccupied and social as of late. I settled on a Theo portrait on my weekend off.
Smol guys
I was surprised at how decent my chibi skills turned out. The sign symbols is an added touch, these are all my major TES characters with more fleshed out roles. 

Adelein - Breton conjurer, conduit of Hermaeus Mora.
Theodore - Breton alteration master, a mute sad dad wizard.
Bzegrida - Dwemer inquisitor of the Rourken clan, telekinetic cicada.
Ulsucant - Displaced Ayleid priest of Hermaues Mora.
Signe - ex-mercenary Nord and, innkeeper and a simple farmer.
Corentin - Battlemage blessed by Meridia, first Gardinier to become royalty.
Maeve - Argonian assassin, a Shadowscale child with an unconventionally positive view of murder.
Cerul - Imperial/nord appearing manifestation of Akatosh…or maybe Auri-EL? Maybe neither, maybe both.
TES Character: Bzegrida
Full ref, decided to whip together a Rourken clan Dwemer named Bzegrida. She’s associated with cicadas and uses telepathy (as an idea that @ancientspecter uses for the Rourken) to control multiple daggers. When the metal resonates with the blades the sound is similar to a cicada’s buzzing. She adopted the noise and did nothing to fix it as the insect was a common sight and sound in the desert. This made her use of the blades more stealthy. 

Bze was an intelligence agent, an inquisitor who was sent to gather information on the other dwemeri clans and the falmer. I’m leaning towards the idea that she kept her memories in a device similar to what Adelein built, after-all Bze is a shrewd and organized individual who is highly motivated by her own profession. It would make sense that she dabbled in or built a machine that would help her retain more information. 
The magician

Theodore Gardinier - The Magician

“The Magician is associated with the planet, Mercury and carries with it skill, logic, and intellect. The number of the Magician is one, the number of beginnings. The Magician is the bridge between the world of the spirit and the world of humanity. His right hand holds a staff raised toward the sky and his left hand points to the earth. He takes the power of the Universe and channels it through his own body and directs it to the physical plane.“ [x]

A pair to Adelein’s card (which also pairs with her gf). Theo is Adelein’s father, an alteration master, musician, architect of matter connected to Magnus. His RP blog and bio is here



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